The Popecycle

Pope ChopperA New York motorcycle shop creating a customised chopper dedicated to the late Pope John Paul II. The bike is now going to be auctioned off on eBay for charity.

The late Pontiff – who generally preferred to commute by Popemobile – inspired the customised bike, created by the Orange County Choppers motorbike garage.

It is decorated with scenes from John Paul's life, his coat of arms, religious imagery, and the colours of the Polish flag. It cost around £30,000 ($60,000) to make.

Pope Chopper
The centrepiece of the design is the image of John Paul himself, placed just below the handlebars so that he is constantly gazing at the rider, who can't avoid looking back into the ex-pope's eyes.

The bike will go on eBay from August 26, and is expected to attract bids of around £100,000 ($200,000). The profits from the sale will go to a Christian charity.

Link & Image: Metro
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