Skateboarder Survives 40-Foot Fall

The slam of the skateboarder's body against the ramp caused a collective shudder among X Games spectators and had Web video watchers gasping yesterday morning.

Jake Brown fell flailing and helpless for about 40 feet on the Skateboard Big Air mega ramp during his fifth and final run in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

He had only a slight concussion and was expected to be released from the hospital sometime yesterday after staying overnight as a precaution, X Games officials said.

After pulling off a difficult 720 over the ramp's 70-foot gap, he launched up the adjacent quarterpipe and immediately lost control. Plunging face first, his legs pedaling wildly, Brown turned over in the air and landed on his tailbone, with his head and limbs hitting soon after.

He slid limply down the last few feet of ramp and lay motionless for nearly five minutes.

Video: YouTube
Source: Washington Post
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Anonymous said…
Jake Brown...I still cant believe he walked away. Thankfully, he had no broken bones and only a hurt lung and liver
Spluch said…
He is really lucky to have survived such a frightening fall.