A Special Pet

Dove Falling in Love With a WomanHuang Mingzhu, an employee of a hotel from Qingdao, China, recently acquired a special pet -- a white dove which follows her wherever she went.

According to her, the dove flew into the 17 floor of the hotel and was found to be covered in blood with a wounded left wing. Huang and her co-workers nursed the fragile bird back to health and 12 days later, they released it back into the wild. To their surprise however, the bird flew back and stayed with her ever since.

Whenever she goes to work, the dove would stay at home but when she goes for a casual walk in the street or visited supermarkets, the bird would follow her by standing on her shoulder. She said that she would take care of the bird which is free to leave whenever it wants to.

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Dove Falling in Love With a Woman
Dove Falling in Love With a Woman
Dove Falling in Love With a Woman
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K_tigress said…
That's a very lovely pidgin. Yep that's right a pidgin and not a dove. Doves do not have the ability to "home in" on home and there fore should not be aloud outside where they could easily get caught by predators. Plus doves are smaller then pidgins.
Spluch said…
You mean pigeons... some interest facts here... I think you are right.