This Headless Chicken is Alive!

A headless chickenAt Kunming, Yunan Province, China, a headless chicken weighing 2kg can be seen wandering around a grass patch next to a road on 30 July. Although, the head along with the eyes, mouth and face were missing, it is still able to move around as if looking for food. And it is constantly moving its neck from time to time to peck on the feathers on its body. The head was cut off leaving behind part of the brain and ears so it is still able to hear. Whenever any noise is heard, it would look in the direction of where the sound is coming from. Looking at this headless chicken is pretty scary for passer-bys. Even the dogs were scared off by the smell of blood, pulling their owners away from the scene. This chicken managed to survive for a couple of hours.

Link & Image: Shangdu
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