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Tycoon digs deep to create diving pool in basement of £38m home

A hotel in LondonOne can only imagine the jaw-dropping reaction of the planning officer when case number PP/07/01784 landed on his desk.

Described as the biggest planning application ever received by Kensington and Chelsea council, it unveiled an audacious £20 million ($40 million) project to convert a run-down, four-storey hotel in west London into an eight-bedroom house of extraordinary opulence.

Changes to be made to convert hotel into a home
The plans, submitted by Chris Rokos, a 36-year-old hedge fund manager, include a gym, home cinema, third-floor open-air pool, internal climbing wall, subterranean garage with motorised lift for two cars and a library.

But the most astonishing element is his plan to dig four storeys below ground to create a 16ft-deep swimming pool with a high diving board.

A neighbour, who declined to give his name, said: "Nobody can quite believe the scope of what he is planning. The hotel is already 17,000 sq ft and he is seeking to increase that. It seemed such an extraordinary idea to dig that far down."

Source: Telegraph
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