US city planning ban on low-slung baggy pants

Baggy trousers that hang way below the belt and expose what the wearer has on underneath could soon be banned in the southern US city of Atlanta, a city council spokesman said Friday.

"Many youngsters are walking around with their pants way, way below their waists, and you can see everything. Some people call it a fad or a fashion statement but it is simple indecency," Dexter Chambers, the communications director at Atlanta City Council, told AFP by phone.

"A proposal to change the city code in terms of indecency will go before the public safety legal administrative committee on Tuesday for discussion," he said.

"From there it would go before the city council, but it's difficult to say when it could be passed. It depends on how much airing it receives, if you pardon the expression," Chambers said.

Very low-slung trousers are already banned in the southern US city of Delcambre, in Louisiana, where offenders' cheek can earn them a fine of 500 dollars (350 euros) or up to six months in jail.

Source: Yahoo News
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