Woman who smokes for the past 92 years celebrates her 100th birthday

Beatrice LangleyWhen most people reach the grand old age of 100, they put the achievement down to healthy living, plenty of exercise and the odd tipple of sherry.

But Beatrice Langley has made it to the landmark birthday without a hint of a health drive, as she has been smoking for the past 92 years.

Since lighting her first cigarette at the age of just eight she has stubbed out an estimated 168,000 fags. And she has no intention of giving up any time soon.

She said: "I have smoked ever since infant school. I've never thought about quitting. "There were not all the health warnings like there are today when I started. It was the done thing."

Known to her friends as Winnie, she has never once been ill because of her habit. She explained: "I've had several operations since I retired, but I've never had health problems from smoking."

The pensioner,who lives in Frylands Court, in Hutchingsons Road, New Addington, puffs her way through an average of five cigarettes a day.

But she thinks there's a good reason why she's survived, against the odds. She said: "I never inhaled. That's how I have lived so long.

Martin Dockrell, policy and campaign manager for Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) said "Fifty per cent of smokers die from smoking-related illnesses. She's one of the lucky ones."

Source: South London