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World record smash for coaster fan

Richard Rodriguez on a roller coasterA university lecturer yesterday broke the world record for time spent on a rollercoaster - and is still going strong.

At midnight yesterday, Richard Rodriguez, 48, beat the previous holder by clocking up nine days and 12 hours, reports the Daily Record.

The American said: "I feel I can do it for another week. I want to set a record that can never be beaten.

Richard has been riding Europe's tallest rollercoaster - the 60mph Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

In that time, the Chicago-based record-breaker has travelled 4126 miles - more than the 3950-mile return trip to his home city - during 16 rides each hour.

Richard has eaten, drunk and slept on the ride, only swapping to the Big Dipper at night for safety reasons.

His record has been watched by Guinness Book Of Records officials, who allow him five minutes an hour for a comfort break. Richard said: "I have had everything - thunder and lightning and now sun. My only problem has been wind burn."

Link & Image: Ananova
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