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Agency Offers Cheaters $24 Alibi

PhoneParanoid spouses beware; it just got a lot harder to work out if your husband or wife is cheating.

A French company has launched a service providing alibis for people who "need a little freedom" from the confines of matrimonial bliss.

Alibila, which bills itself as "your alibi generator", will make telephone calls, devise invitations and even create restaurant or hotel bills to corroborate any story.

Prices for the service start at 19 Euros ($24) for a simple phone call and rise to 50 Euro ($68) for a "class 2 alibi", which includes all the documentation, phone calls and back up needed to safely indulge in a "passing adventure".

The company is France's first agency for adulterers who don't want their flings to be discovered. It provides alibis for a range of other situations, but admits its clients are mostly men.

Source: Telegraph
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