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Artist Creates Art While Sleepwalking

Lee Hadwin's artTalented Lee Hadwin produces art to dream of — in his sleep. He sketches badly while awake, but is great at night. And on waking he can’t remember drawing, and can’t recreate his sketches.

Lee HadwinSleepwalker Lee, 33, of Henllan, North Wales, scribbles on anything — even walls and tables. He said: “I’ve been filmed to prove it’s true. I’ve tried to do the pictures when I’m awake but they are rubbish.”

The Edinburgh Sleep Clinic said he was “unique”.

More of his work after the jump.

Image Gallery: The Sun
Source: The Sun
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this idoit is making fool of every one, chcek his background, when he was in Australia he did lot of stupid things to earn money like selling Virgin Marry's photo on ebay, he is CON and always looking for easy money or Fame

Well we happen to know him , you obviously dont! He has been doing this for yrs and yrs its about time he got recognised for his talent!!! wots yours????

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