Ashtray Room Fragrance

Ashtray room fragranceEntrepreneur and married couple Linda and Frank Knight from Kirkham, Lancashire, UK, are creators of the unusual ashtray room fragrance.

Their niche fragrance firm Dale Air has found itself thrust into the limelight, after a pub ordered an ashtray air fragrance to re-ignite interest since the smoking ban.

Frank said “We expected pubs in the UK to pick up on the ashtray room fragrance as soon as the ban came in because it was so popular in Ireland when they brought it in.

“From what I have heard it’s because of the awful smells the tobacco used to veil such as body odour and vomit. “Also smell is a great way to create an atmosphere and a lot of pub goers don’t feel the same in smoke free environment.

“This is the perfect way to recreate the essence of a pub without the dangers of the real thing.”

Supplying to more than 20 countries - and a whole host of prestigious clients - the range boasts more than 200 different scents.

Source: The Sun
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