Aurel is The Human Magnet

Aurel RaileanuSome guys have a kind of animal magnetism – but amazing Aurel Raileanu finds just about anything will stick to him like glue.

The Romanian hospital worker, known as The Human Magnet for his extraordinary ability, can even make a 50lb TV set cling to his chest without the aid of wires, blue or string.

He can pick up electric irons using just his skin’s bizarre ability — and he can clear a table of cutlery faster than an army of waiters.

The 40-year-old bachelor, who lives with his mum, claims he doesn’t know how he becomes a magnet for objects.

But he explains that first he focuses his mind on something, then releases the feeling of magnetic attraction that makes even the heaviest item stick to him.

He admits he cannot explain his gift, which allows many objects — not just metal — to stick to his chest, neck and forehead.

He says: “I tend to keep it secret from people in my home town because I am afraid of being branded a freak in their eyes.

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Aurel Raileanu
Aurel Raileanu
Source: The Sun
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Henrik said…
Can't help but wonder how much iron a TV-set contains (actually it's close to nothing). In all three pictures he leans back a bit and the items that "cling" onto him all offer great friction on bare moist skin.
He's a fraud.
Spluch said…
I seriously don't believe friction alone could have held those heavy objects up... If this really is a hoax which is highly likely, something else must have been involved.