Boy Survives 8,000 Volts After Grabbing Power Line

Danny MarksA neighbor saved the life of a boy who touched an 8,000-volt power line after he climbed a large maple tree near his Quincy home.

Danny Marks' father said his son was just curious and didn't realize the danger of grabbing the line.

"He took about 8,000 volts," said Deputy Gary Smith of the Quincy Fire Department. "He fell about 15 feet and landed in the crook of a tree. He's alive and it's a miracle."

"According to the children in the area, he said, 'Watch this,' and he grabbed the wire," said Lt. John Kingsley. "The wire, of course, jolted him and there was a puff of smoke and he fell to a lower branch, about 15 feet. His neck was caught in the crook of the tree."

The kids then ran for help. A neighbor, Paul Adamson, climbed up the tree. Another neighbor climbed up after him to help.

Danny is recovering at a hospital but is expected to be ok. He has an exit wound from the electricity bolt in his ankle.

Source: Wbztv
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