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Bras and Knickers Appear Like Magic

UnderwearsDodgy tales of underwear going missing off lines in the dead of night are old-hat.

Far more curious is the suburban phenomenon of random knickers and bras suddenly appearing on a line overnight - which has perplexed the residents of Ronald Ct, Pukete.

- Weird things started happening in the cul-de-sac about three weeks ago when Dave Lattimore planted a new front lawn and erected lines with plastic bags across it to keep the birds off. A few nights later a pair of black female knickers appeared, pegged to the line.

Gradually, all sorts of unmentionables were added in the dead of night, until the street front at No 26 now looks like an ad from an Elle Macpherson catalogue. The range includes a black suspender belt, pink g-string, corset and 40C white bra.

"Every second day some more appear," Mr Lattimore said. "I figure if I leave it long enough I'll have some matching sets. Either that or do the Cinderella thing and go knocking on doors to ask if we can see what fits."

Source: Stuff via Arbroath
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I really don't think bras and knickers are appropriate topics of discussion for the interweb.

I just thought that this is a funny article... and that was why I posted it...

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