Bullet Proof Baby Stroller

Do we really need this? It is selling at $599 but is currently out of stock.

Bullet Proof Baby StrollerThe Heavy weight bullet proof stroller provides 100% protection against all modern ballistics including Armor Piercing rounds. It’s heavy enough to maintain stability even under a heavy barrage, and yet has light steering enabling the stroller to turn on a dime if required. For the smart urban baby.. this stroller is the ultimate in style, comfort and extreme combat protection.

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Source: Bullet Proof Baby via Dump Trumpet

Update: A reader says that this is actually not real. The site along with the items in it is part of a campaign to promote the movie "Shoot ‘Em Up". More info under the comment section.

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Anonymous said…
Not real. New Line has launched a fun little site called Bullet Proof Baby in an effort to promote Shoot ‘Em Up. The site is designed to look like an e-commerce product site, complete with a listing of the forms of payment it accepts. There are all sorts of products to buy to keep your baby safe from bullets, riots and chemical weapons.

The only tips of the hat to the tie-in to the movie are a listing on the side saying the products as being “Seen in the movie Shoot ‘Em Up” and a link at the bottom saying the site comes from Shoot ‘Em Up Holdings. [via FilmThreat]