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Child's Hole-In-One 'Beats Tiger'

David HugginsA youngster claims he has beaten Tiger Woods in the record books - by scoring a hole-in-one at just four years old.

David Huggins, who took up the sport when he was two, holed a tee shot on a 105-yard hole at a course in Bramford, Suffolk.

His father banker Jonathan, 33, of Ipswich, said he believed his son was one of the youngest players to achieve the feat.

He beats Woods, who scored his first hole-in-one when he was six, by two years.

The youngster's sporting prowess is not limited to the golf course - he is also a very promising gymnast.

Source: BBC
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there is no way that kid is 4, this kid is more like 6 or 7
I have a four year old boy...

Just wait - this will end up as the parent's lying about the kids age.

You are right! This boy is now eight years old and this is a recent photograph of him. But he did score a hole-in-one when he was 4... that's what the sources say.

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