Crew Paints Over Roadkill Raccoon

A photograph sent to CBS stattion WBBM-TV in Chicago shows a raccoon dead in the middle of a Lemont street, and yellow stripes painted right over its body by road crews.

As WBBM-TV West Suburban Bureau Chief Mike Puccinelli reports, the outraged viewer who sent in the photograph was not the only one upset by the incident.

"There was a dead raccoon here kind of where you see this black mark and it was dead and when they were striping the road they just striped right over it," said Sylvia Wilk of unincorporated Lemont.

The raccoon was gone Wednesday but photographs clearly show the dead animal with the telltale yellow paint right across its body.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: CBS11 via Arbroath
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WordsnCollision said…
I've seen this before, with an unfortunate coyote - guess the road crews have no advance spotters.
Spluch said…
They should really be on the look out for such things... otherwise, it makes them look unprofessional.