Cyclist's 210 km/h Downhill Record

Austria’s Markus Stoeckl, 33, set the new world record in the Chilean Alps when he hit a speed of 210.4 km/h (130.7 mph). He shattered the previous record by an incredible 23 km/h (14 mph)

Standing at the highest-possible starting point in front of a 2000 metre, and 45-degree, slope, the conditions for the record run were far from ideal: South America’s springtime weather had melted away much of the snow alongside the piste, shrinking it to a narrow strip set up between bare mountain cliffs.

Because the protective visor on his helmet kept fogging over, Stoeckl was also forced to hold his breath for the 40-second run. “I knew that this would be my only chance,“he said. The record run went off without a hitch.

There were no problems whatsoever and despite hitting a speed of 210.4 km/h it all seemed somehow unspectacular. Obviously it wasn't, but some people are never happy!

Markus Stoeckl has now tasted success and he wants to try to break the other age-old records set by Eric Baronè.

Video: YouTube
Source: Extreme Sports Channel
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Scott said…
What's amazing is that he does it on SNOW!
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