Diamond Made From Beethoven's Hair

Beethoven DiamondDecomposing composer Ludwig van Beethoven is set to shine on the world again - after a lock of his hair was grown into a precious diamond. The sparkling blue stone was created using tiny amounts of carbon extracted from 10 strands of the famed musician's brown hair.

It is the first time a celebrity or historical figure has been turned into a diamond - and the rock is expected to sell for £500,000 ($1 million).

The late maestro's locks came from a collection of famous hair stored at the University Archives in Connecticut in the US. Experts exposed the extracted carbon to extremely high temperatures before placing it under an enormous weight for two weeks. During that time, the carbon grew into a 0.56 carat diamond which is now going to be sold off for charity.

On Wednesday it will be listed on internet auction site eBay and LifeGem, the company that has made the diamond, is hoping there will be bids from around the world.

Source: Telegraph
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