Did Family Find Face Of Virgin Mary In Lemon?

A bar owner was shocked Tuesday morning when his son saw the face of the Virgin Mary in a sliced fruit.

Sam Nance said his son Marty exposed the Virgin Mary's face on a lemon he was cutting at the family's business, Texas Billiards.

"It kind of freaked me out," said Nance, a member of the Watauga police. "I'm a detective, and I believe in facts."

When he looked at the lemon, he saw the face a little, but he said it wasn't until he snapped a picture that the face really showed up.

Nance is Methodist and his wife is Baptist. They don't attend church every Sunday, but they are saving the lemon in their freezer so others can see it.

Source: Star-Telegram
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Anonymous said…
These people are retarded.