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Harley-Davidson Made Of Wood

Harley-Davidson made of wood
Motorbike nut Colin Webb is sawn to be wild after building a full size Harley Davidson - from bits of recycled plywood.

The chopper, which took 900 hours and cost less than £100 ($200), faithfully recreates the real-life Harley made famous by Dennis Hopper in the classic 60s movie Easy Rider.

Colin, 40, got the idea after working at a recycling plant and built it in the spare room of his home at Taunton, Somerset. The bike has no metal on it - he used glue instead of nails and screws - and the steering, side stand and chain all move like the original.

He said yesterday: "It's got to be the most environmentally-friendly bike in the world... but it's still got that special 'bad to the bone' look."

Source: Mirror
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