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How Big an Area Would One Quintillion Pennies Occupy

The MegaPenny Project aims to help one visualize how big an area a common everyday item like the U.S penny would occupy starting from one penny all the way up to one quintillion pennies. Here’s two of the biggest visualization:

One Quadrillion Pennies

Here we have the buildings we used for scale back at a trillion, but they're now a bit dwarfed by our new cube of pennies. This is a quadrillion (10 to the power of 15), or a thousand times one trillion. This cube is roughly a half-mile (0.8km) wide and would weigh an astonishing three billion tons. 1,000,067,088,384,000 pennies are used.

One Quintillion Pennies

If one quintillion (10 to the power of 18) pennies are laid out flat like a carpet, it would cover the surface of the earth - twice. If you look hard, you can still see the Sears Tower and other buildings at lower right. Another way to see it is to realize that Mt. Everest (29,000 ft.) is only 1,700 feet taller than this 27,300-foot cube. 1,000,067,088,384,000,000 pennies are used.

Source: The Megapenny Project
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