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Is it a car or a boat? It's both!

AmphicarOlenski is one of a handful of people to own the Amphicar — a vehicle that's part car, part boat, capable of functioning on land or water. He's had it since 1991, but the novelty of his unusual machine still hasn't worn off.

This rare vehicle was designed and built in Germany between 1961 and 1968. Only 3,878 were produced, and about 3,046 of them were imported into the United States.

"It's just awesome, because of what it can do," Olenski said. "Everybody should have one."

The standard transmission Amphicar sports two large propellers under the car's rear bumper. Once in the water, the driver shifts into neutral. A second, smaller stick shift powers the propellers, and the car's wheels act like rudders in the drink, allowing the Amphicar to turn.

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