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'Look At the Size of My Onion'

Huge OnionPrize-winning gardener Paul Rochester has revealed that the secret of his success is playing hit swing tunes to his crop of onions. And it seems that the music of 1940s big band legend Glenn Miller is ideal for putting his produce In The Mood to win.

Machine operator Paul, from Seaham, Co Durham, admitted his surprise gardening secret after lifting the top title at the World Leek and Onion Championships. The judges could not fail to be impressed by the pick of his crop, a 15lb 6boz monster. It was chosen as the best onion in the show at the Northern Club in Ashington, Northumberland.

Paul uses all the green-finger advice he learned from his late father Wilfrid in the propagation of his championship class vegetables. But he insisted it was the extra boost provided by his Glenn Miller tapes that tipped the scales in his favour. Good nutrients, soil conditions and watering are all required – yet renditions of tunes like Pennsylvania 6500 and Tuxedo Junction may have had the onions jumping out of their skins.

Huge Onion
Source: Sunday Express
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