Man Gives Dog the Kiss of Life

Steve Tugwell and Frodo the dogA prison officer saved his dying sniffer dog by blowing down his throat to give him the kiss of life, it emerged yesterday.

Handler Steve Tugwell, 42, leapt into action when he saw Welsh springer spaniel Frodo lying unconscious with fellow sniffer dog Patch on top of him.

Black labrador Patch had got his jaws entangled in Frodo’s collar during a play-fight and could not get free.

Frodo had been asphyxiated and appeared lifeless when Steve hacked off the collar with a knife.

He moved Frodo’s tongue, which had turned purple, aside and formed a cone with his hands, leaving his little finger blocking the dog’s nostrils.

Steve blew three times down the dog’s throat — and he began breathing.

The two-year-old was rushed to a vet, made a full recovery and was back on duty two weeks later.

Source: The Sun