A Marriage Proposal inside a Crossword Puzzle

Aric Egmont and his girlfriend, Jennie BassThe clue for 111 across in Boston Globe Sunday magazine crossword puzzle was “Generic Proposal.” The answer was “Will you marry me?”

Most puzzle devotees no doubt just moved on to the next clue when they solved that one. But for Aric Egmont of Cambridge, those 14 letters on the grid were the actual proposal he’d been plotting for months to his girlfriend, Jennie Bass.

Egmont said Saturday night was a restless one.

“I am waking up through the night, a little nervous,” he said Monday morning. “Finally, Sunday morning, I was like, ‘Do you want to do the crossword?’ I grab the paper and we start doing it. There are clues that have personal significance, my last name, her best friend’s name. She’s not suspicious at all. Her sister’s name is in there. She’s like, ‘This is so bizarre.’ She just thinks it’s an amazing coincidence.”

Until they got to 111 across.

“We get to the ‘Will you marry me?’ clue, and I said, ‘Will you marry me, Jenny?’ I got up, got the ring, and got down on one knee and she screamed, and hugged me. It took her a minute to say yes.”

It might have been because it seemed like just a series of coincidences.
“I was just like, wow, all these amazing coincidences, special places and people in my life,” said Bass, 29, who is studying food policy and public health at Tufts School of Medicine. “It was just really exciting to do it. There was no reason for me to suspect it. Then he got up and came back with a box and it was pure elation.”

The puzzle can be found here (Requires registration).

Source: Boston Globe

Update: A video can be found here.

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