More links for 15 Sep 2007

Bees making a hive in a see-thru jar. [Picasa]
Residents as old as 103 have ditched knitting and bridge after getting hooked on the Wii. [The Sun via BB Gadgets]
Doctors refuse to fix builder's broken ankle unless he quits smoking. [DailyMail]
A mother who had her bag snatched was told by police it was not a crime - because she chased after the thief and won her property back. [This Is London]
The Northwest Passage, the dreamed-of yet historically impassable maritime shortcut between Europe and Asia, has now fully opened up due to record shrinkage of Arctic sea ice. [AFP]
Doggie prison break. [I am Bored]
Cutlery with built-in stands. [Boing Boing]
World's worst polluted places. [Blacksmith Institute]
New research suggests that social isolation alters the immune system at the genetic level, raising the risk of serious disease. [Msnbc]