More links for 21 Sep 2007

The sport of Marbles on Sand. [Double Viking]
In January I dropped some bricks into my pond, which is a metre deep. In March the pond froze over and an image of the bricks appeared like a hologram in the ice. What caused this? [New Scientist]
How to balance two forks on a toothpick. [5min Life Videopedia]
Japanese toymaker Bandai's Mugen Puchi-Puchi is a handheld electronic gizmo that makes the sound of popping bubblewrap when you press on the plastic bubbles. [Boing Boing]
The designer pen that is out of this world. [Joon Pens via Gizmodo]
The most complicated paper rock scissors game. [Technews]
A pensioner nearly burned down her old folks’ home — after putting her slippers under the grill to warm them up. [The Sun]
Study says soccer is better than jogging. [Examiner]