Ninja Bandit Strikes 16th Time In 4-Months

It sounds like a kung fu movie sequel: "Return of the Ninja Bandit." On Staten Island, it's the real-life ramblings of a house burglar who may have struck for the 16th time in four months.

A Staten Island woman heading to bed Friday night encountered a masked intruder on the stairs leading up to her bedroom, with the suspect — dressed all in black, with a matching ski mask and wielding a set of nunchucks — fleeing the scene after the run-in, police said Saturday.

The intruder escaped with an undetermined amount of property from the home after the 10:30 p.m. incident, and police linked the crime to 15 previous house robberies on Staten Island since June 6.

The so-called "Ninja Bandit" has slipped into the homes via skylights, windows and front doors, making off with cash, jewelry and a cell phone, police said. On five previous occasions, the bandit was confronted by a homeowner but managed to escape the scene, police said.

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Source: Wcbstv
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