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Passenger 'Has Bath' On Plane

An air passenger in China shocked cabin crews when they found him taking a sponge bath in the toilet.

Passengers on the flight from Nanning to Chongqing complained that the man was spending too much time in the toilet.

An air attendant knocked on the door, and then noticed water flowing out from underneath it, reports the Chongqing Morning News.

"We had to open the door with a key, and saw that the man was half naked," said the attendant.

"When he saw me, he said he was bathing, and asked me if I had some shampoo."

The man, Jin Sheng, said it was his first time on a plane.

"I discovered the bathroom had hot water, so I thought of taking a bath, since I hadn't had one for nearly a week," he explained.

The airline could not punish or charge Jin, as there is nothing in the regulations to prohibit passengers from having a mid-flight bath.

Source: Ananova
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Simply amazing. I have never thought someone could actually think of bathing on the aeroplane. And goodness, 1 week never bathed!

The rich with huge personal jets should have bathing facilities onboard I think, but bathing on a commercial jet without the proper facilities sure is odd.

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