Ponytail thief strikes in Jakarta

HairA first-time visitor to the Indonesian capital travelling on one of its pickpocket-prone buses was stunned to find her wallet safe but her hair snipped off during a ride, a report said Tuesday.

Nuryamah, 35, felt a tug on the back of her head as she took a mid-morning ride in Jakarta on Monday and realised a thief had cut off 40 centimetres (16 inches) of her lengthy locks, the Jakarta Post reported.

"It took me six years to grow this," she sobbed to police as she filed a report to them, according to the daily.

A nearby officer nabbed the culprit, Agus Setiawan, who told police he had intended to use the ponytail to make keychains. He had reportedly been stealing hair from unsuspecting commuters for about a year.

His keychains sold for 10,000 rupiah, or about a dollar, each, the Post added.

Source: Yahoo News


Shan said…
That sounds like a case of the thief being desperate to earn some money.