Record Breaking Porridge Attempt

Tony Stone is aiming to create a massive stir when he bids to break the world record for the largest ever bowl of porridge.

Weighing more than 90 kilograms, the bumper breakfast is expected to feed up to 2000 people at the Edinburgh Farmers' Market.

Ian Broadfoot, of Edinburgh City Centre Management, helped come up with the idea to promote healthy eating and Scottish Food Fortnight.

Together, they have hired a 218-pint stock pot from caterers to cook it in, while a craftsman has designed a special 1.6 metre long cherry wood spurtle. This will be heated by two gas burners at the market on Castle Terrace tomorrow.

Tony, who set up the country's first mobile porridge bars, will be putting 110 litres of water and milk on to boil at 8am. He will then add salt and 50 kilograms of organic oats, and stir for around two hours.

The finished product will then be dished out to hundreds of local schoolchildren, as well as hungry shoppers.

Source: Scotsman
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