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Shoe that looks like Lego

2007 ... the SportilettoThe season’s fashion must-have is a £700 ($1,420) shoe that would be more at home in a toy shop.

The Sportiletto, from a top designer, is a Lego-like high-heel.

The footwear is said to be influenced by snowboarders, but the real inspiration for the crazy child-like design seems to have come from 1980s kiddie favourite the Fisher-Price 1-2-3 Rollerskate.

Both are made from the same primarily coloured plastic with thick Velcro straps. And apart from the wheels and the price-tag, it is tough to tell them apart.

1980 ... 1-2-3 skates
The retro rollerskates would have set you back less than £5 ($10) while today’s chic Sportiletto costs 140 times as much.

Models on the catwalk look bizarre as they wear thick grey tights and jodhpurs to model the Sportiletto. The shoes are designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere for fashion house Balenciaga. Unbelievably, there are already orders waiting at top London stores.

Source: The Sun


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