Skunk's Face Stuck in Can

Stuck SkunkCalvin Keeley discovered the skunk with its head stuck in a can when he was getting his son off to school.

"I called Animal Control, the Humane Society, the Police Department, the Sheriff's Department, Blanford Nature Center, the DNR in Lansing, and nobody wants to come and and deal with a skunk," Keeley said.

Keeley took pictures of the unfortunate skunk in hopes of getting someone to help and even tried to do the job himself, but none of his efforts worked. He thought the media would have a better chance getting help, so he contacted the 24 Hour News 8 newsroom.

Critter Control, a private pest control company, agreed to rescue the skunk as a courtesy. But before Critter Control arrived, a neighbor stopped by with a pair of clippers and released the skunk's face from the can.

"If there is a sweet smell, an animal is going to get into it," Vanden Bos said. He also said skunks will not spray if they cannot see you.

When the skunk was freed and able to see, he did something very kind for the local residents; he ran away.

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Source: Woodtv
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