The Sophisticated New X-Ray Machine

new X-ray machineA new generation of airport X-ray machines that speed up security checks and could lead to less stringent hand luggage regulations were unveiled yesterday.

More than 200 of the advanced scanners - which can detect explosives and liquids as well as guns and knives - are to be installed across major airports, including 60 at Heathrow.

Smiths said: "This is the world's first deployment of a checkpoint Xray that can automatically detect explosives and liquids in carry-on bags."

The unit scans bags from four angles to give two detailed views in the time it takes existing systems to show a single view on the operator's screen.

It detects potential explosives in a secret process by measuring the atomic weight and density of materials, matching them to data for banned substances such as inflammable liquids.

The scanners are also linked to a circular conveyor belt that automatically returns the security trays into which passengers have deposited jackets, laptops and bags. There is even a branch line on to which suspect bags are automatically diverted for more checks.

Source: DailyMail
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