Stress-Relief Milk For $43 a Bottle

Stress-Relief MilkA Japanese dairy company on Thursday announced the launch of super-premium milk for stressed-out adults -- at the price of 5,000 yen a bottle (43 dollars) for a bottle of 900 millilitres, or one quart.

Tokyo-based Nakazawa Foods will launch the "Adult Milk" line of products in October targetting "adults who live in a stressful society," the company said in a statement.

The price is nearly 30 times as expensive as ordinary milk even in Tokyo, which is famous for its high prices.

The milk is taken from cows once a week at the break of dawn as they discharge a lot of a stress-relieving hormone called melatonin during the night, the company said.

The milk is bottled within six hours of milking at a farm north of Tokyo. It is said to contain three to four times as much melatonin as usual milk.

Source: AFP
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Anonymous said…
You have to hand it to them. If people will pay more for milk because they believe protein hormones like rBST don't degrade upon hitting the acid in their stomachs, they can surely sell the idea melatonin won't either. There is also the unheard of notion that if you want more melatonin you could sleep... in the dark... for 8 hours. People will buy anything, even if I point out that Monsanto (of all opposed companies) already tried this and found it to be bogus.
Spluch said…
Personally, I find that the price is way overboard… but when it is promoted as one which is good for health, people would still be willing to spend to get them… and then sometime later, you will start getting reports from scientists that say otherwise…