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Something's Fishy About That Thai Bikini

fish-skin bikiniSmelly fish skin once tossed away or sold to street vendors for cheap food has become a highly desirable product used to make designer handbags, shoes and even bikinis.

Thai entrepreneurs have developed a way of processing skins of the tropical tilapia fish to make durable leather.

The fish-skin bikini was unveiled at a Bangkok fashion show last month and its makers are hoping for orders from Europe and the United States for the unique product.

"It's comfortable. The bikini can really breathe," said Sudarat Sae-lim, modelling the scaly, cobalt-blue two-piece. "I like that it's waterproof, it means it can dry more easily."

Each tilapia skin fetches around $1.25, and is dried, treated and dyed to make products from key-rings to couches. One bikini needs 15 fish skins to make, and will go on sale for $75.

Update: A related video.

More pictures after the jump.

Fish swimming in a tank
Fish being prepared
Fish skins
Fish-Skin Bikini
Source: Reuters
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