Too Much Sleep As Dangerous As Too Little

Sleeping babySleeping too much, just like sleeping too little, could be linked to a person's risk of an early death, a new British study indicates.

Scientists found those individuals who increased the number of hours they slept per night from seven to eight hours or more were more than twice as likely to die within 11-17 years as those who kept sleeping for seven. They were more likely to die from non-cardiovascular diseases.

Francesco Cappuccio, an author of the study, said adults should aim for seven hours of shuteye a night.

Source: CBC
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Anonymous said…
First writhe the damn news in a way an ordinary human can understand
Spluch said…
All it means is that those who regularly sleeps more than 7 hours a day double their chances of dying within the next 11-17 years.

On the other hand, those who sleeps regularly for only 7 hours a day will be less likely to die within the next 10-17 years.