Underwater Feat Takes Freediver's Breath Away

Dave MullinsDave Mullins claims he is an "unusually slow" swimmer, but with lungs burning and legs aching he smashed the world record for an underwater swim without a breath not once, but twice.

Yesterday, the Wellington man swam 244 metres underwater on one breath, blitzing a record he set on Friday by 18 metres. Using a mono fin, Mullins swam nonstop for four minutes and two seconds, completing nearly five lengths of the 50-metre Naenae pool.

"You have to get it pretty much spot on," he said. "You're after maximum efficiency, so the turns are pretty important."

Mullins said that though he was an "unusually slow" swimmer, the sport was all about lasting the distance.

American judge Grant Graves said yesterday's effort at the freediving competition - hosted for the first time in New Zealand - was one of the biggest increases in a world record he had heard of. "It was a very impressive swim."

Source: Dominion Post
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