Unforgettable Photographs Of History You Might Have Missed

Photographs capture history like no other form of media. Many images are left unforgetable in our heads after we see them. We've all seen the image of Iwo Jima, but what about the moments in history that have somehow fallen under the radar? Here's some images to jog our memories.

1957: Dorothy Counts, first black student of Harrry Harding High School gets taunted by her fellow classmates. 4 days later, she leaves the school because of the harassment.

1973: This photo was shot only seconds before Chile's president Salvador Allende is killed in a coup.

1994: This image shows the aftermath of torture after this man was suspected of talking to Tutsi soldiers during the war in Rwanda.

2001: An Afghani refugee child is laid to rest in Pakistan.

2003: An Iraqi prisoner of war comforts his child as best he can.

Thanks, Eatnineghost


Salvador Allende was not killed, he committed suicide. That doesn't mean he would have been killed anyways once taken prisioner.