Venezuela Claims Big Soup Record

World's largest pot of soupVenezuelan officials claimed a world record Saturday for making the largest pot of soup, a giant cauldron of stew prepared by President Hugo Chavez's government.

The hulking stainless steel cooking pot, set up outdoors in downtown Caracas, contained about 3,960 gallons of "sancocho" stew, Food Minister Rafael Oropeza said.

Workers stood on raised platforms stirring the soup with poles, and then dished out servings to a crowd at a state-run market. It contained 6,600 pounds (2,994 kg) of chicken, 4,400 pounds (1,995 kg) of beef and tons of vegetables.

The 5,413-gallon pot was about three-quarters full. "We didn't add more for security reasons," Oropeza said. "There's plenty for second helpings."

World's largest pot of soup
Source: Washington Post
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