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Weigand’s Floppy Disk Car

Weigand’s Floppy Disk CarSpotted at the Fremont Fair is Weigand’s Floppy Disk Car, a 1998 Honda Civic plastered with computer keys and, of course, floppy disks.

“I wanted to make an art car, something kind of whimsical,” Weigand says. “It came to me one day that floppy disks are a very cheap thing to acquire and they wouldn’t add any significant weight to the car. I had a bunch from thrift stores and when you ask people, you find out they have a lot in closets or storage.”

She drove the car for about a year before she started decorating it.

Weigand painted each disk and glued them to every visible surface of the car. She lined the windows with keyboard keys, decorated the dash with sheets of old punch cards, adhered “esc” keys to the door locks, glued processor chips to the hubcaps and added a personalized license plate that reads “DISKDRV.”

She’s used to the attention she receives, but dislikes the most common remark: “You must have a lot of time on your hands!”

More pictures after the jump.

Weigand’s Floppy Disk Car
Weigand’s Floppy Disk Car
Weigand’s Floppy Disk Car
Weigand’s Floppy Disk Car
Weigand’s Floppy Disk Car
Source: RealChange & TecheBlog via Autoblog
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that car sucks!

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