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Will be away for 2 weeks

I will be out of town for 2 weeks and where I will be going, sites like Blogger, Flickr, Wikipedia and even BBC News are blocked from access... will try and use Tor to get around the blockade but that's not guaranteed to work. So, in case you don't see any post during this period, everything will be back to normal on Sep 14, 2007, when I will be back. See ya!

BYEBYE, will miss your posts.

Have a great and safe time away! We'll miss you.

I echo the sentiments of the anonymous people above!!

Enjoy your holiday!

You could try accessing Blogspot via




cyaa. have a safe trip.

Your blog and its posts are the things I take a lot of pleasure checking each day, right before I do anything else!
You're doing a great job and we appreciate it!!

Have a nice holliday time, can't wait to have you back!

A big thanks to all who have responded, especially to Arbroath who provided an excellent workaround! =)

This is one of my favorite sites~ I come here at least 2-3 times every week~ have a safe trip~

Thanks, Peggy! :)

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