Woman Gives Birth to Her Own Grandsons

Antonio Bento and Vitor GabrielRosinete Serrao became the first woman in the world to give birth to her own twin grandchildren after serving as a surrogate mother for her daughter, reported local media Friday.

Doctor Claudio Ribeiro, who assisted during Thursday's birth, said the boys, named Antonio Bento and Vitor Gabriel, were born healthy and required no special medical care.

The physician, who has worked with vitro fertilization since 1990, said that potential grandmothers who serve as surrogate mothers usually give birth to only one child, and that no twins had previously been registered in such cases.

Serrao, 52, already has three grown-up children. Her daughter, Michelle Pereira, 27, had been unable to get pregnant despite four years of hormone treatment. Under Brazilian law, only close relatives are allowed to serve as surrogate mothers.

Source: Novosti & Estadao
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