Young Artist Stirs Controversy with Abstract Art Abilities

PaintingSix-year-old Marla Olmstead has found frame and fortune — by selling her finger paintings for thousands of pounds. The pint-sized prodigy has raked in £200,000 ($400,000) from abstract works she daubs with her hands.

The New Yorker hasn’t had to canvass for customers since her first brush with art at four. But now a TV show director is accusing her dad of helping her.

Amir Bar-Lev, of My Kid Could Paint That, said: “I was never able to film satisfactory footage of Marla painting.

“She completed remarkable canvases larger than herself, with sweeping paint splashes and elaborate flourishes.”

Marla’s mum Laura said: “We are heartbroken by some of the choices he made in his portrayal of our family. We feel the question of the authenticity of our daughter’s paintings has been answered.

“Marla has become aware of the skepticism surrounding her artwork, which confuses her but also flatters her. In her innocence she feels complimented by the idea that people think she could not compose her paintings alone."

Video: YouTube
Source: The Sun
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Anonymous said…
i dont doubt for a second that she painted them??? but no offence they aint any good heh just looks like someone has scribbled and splatted paint all over the place,its not skillfull its a waste of paint