Arkansas Woman Crowned Rooster Crowing Champion

Ann Thompson is a 24-year-old who works as an office manager for a doctor in Conway, but she has a special talent. Recently she won a rooster crowing contest at the Prescott Chicken and Egg Festival in Arkansas.

Thompson can make multiple animal noises from the clucking of a chicken to the braying of a mule. Thompson said she he has a soft spot for roosters... she grew up around them and liked to mimic them. She even tried to help an old rooster regain its "crow" after the bird went hoarse after several years.

Thompson said "I didn't even finish my whole deal," Thompson said, "and they were all cheering and when it came time, they were like 'here's the girl from Arkansas'… it was a lot of fun."

Video: LiveLeak
Source: 9news
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