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Art Student knits Life-size Ferrari

If you can't afford to buy the real thing then why not knit one. That's what 22-year-old art student Lauren Porter did. For her university degree show, Lauren decided to knit a life-size Ferrari. Mainly modelled on an F355, it took her 10 months and 12 miles of yarn to put the Ferrari together.

"I was at university on a sculpture degree and I was knitting domestic objects like chairs and toilets and things and it dawned on me that maybe if I was to continue knitting sculpture and be taken seriously I needed to be further removed from what knitting is. So I was interested in the cross-over between art and craft and design and how things are valued, the boundaries between art and craft," she said.

Lauren got friends and family to help knit approximately 240 red woollen squares that she then assembled and strapped over a metal frame in the shape of the car.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Zee News
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