Artist Makes Jewelry Out Of Weapons

They were originally designed to kill, but now some weapons are literally designed to heal. The artist behind it all is Mt. Airy's Melanie Brandon.

Brandon crafts her jewelry from guns confiscated by law enforcement officers. She remembers her first batch. "We had an Uzi and we had a shot gun and I think we had two hand guns," she recalled.

Dresses she designed, soft and flowing, adorned with the dark hard jewelry were shown during fashion week in Manhattan last month.

"Innocent people are getting killed. With each piece made, another gun is taken off the street. This is the barrel of a shot gun that we had split in half. I just felt so good in doing that. It's destroyed. It can't be used ever again," Melanie said.

Melanie said she's just happy to know that she's helping take some of the guns off the streets.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: First Coast News
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