The Budget Plane That Leaks Poison Fumes

Air crews are refusing to fly on a range of passenger jets which they claim leak poisonous fumes into the cabin.

The boycott comes after two stewardesses collapsed on a flight and all seven crew members had to be taken to hospital. In another incident, staff had to use oxygen masks and abort the flight after 15 minutes on the same route, from Birmingham to Belfast.

Staff at the budget airline Flybe says lives are being put at risk on its fleet of BAE 146s, the type of plane which is also used by the RAF's Royal Squadron to fly the Queen. There have been ten leaks of noxious fumes into cabins in the last 15 months, it is claimed.

Poisonous fumes can potentially leak into the cabin of all planes because of the way air is filtered through the engines.

As commercial flights cruise at high altitude where the air is thin, the cabin needs a supply of air to stay at the correct pressure. Some of the air sucked in by the engines is siphoned off to pressurize the cabin.

But this so-called 'bleed air' can include toxic particles if it is contaminated with oil from the engine.

Source: This Is London
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