Cat Survives 3-Day Journey in Car Engine

LuckyA stray kitten called Lucky survived a three-day journey from France to England inside a car engine.

Lucky crawled into the car before Alan and Audrey Plumpton travelled home from their holiday cottage in Brittany. The couple only discovered the six-week-old French cat when they heard mewing from under their car bonnet after arriving home in Amersham, Bucks.

The kitten was trapped in the engine compartment of the car for three days as Mr and Mrs Plumpton made a 280-mile (450km) car journey home from their cottage in La Briere national park.

Mr Plumpton said: "I cannot believe Lucky managed to survive for three days in our car engine. The first we knew of him was when we heard crying and saw two little blue eyes staring out from under the bonnet.

"We decided to keep Lucky as he used to play, along with some other feral cats, near our cottage and obviously took a liking to us. It would seem a shame to turn him away now after he made such a long journey."

Source: BBC
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